Fleur de Lyeth

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Tasting Notes:

Fleur de Lyeth is a sophisticated California wine that achieves Lyeth’s mission of blending style, family, tradition and value. The proprietary blend of California varietals, the wine is crafted in the winemaking tradition of unifying the best characteristics of multiple grape varieties to produce a harmonious wine with balanced complexity. Lyeth has been a pioneer in the art of blending since 1981; the elegant Fleur de Lyeth reflects its winery‚Äôs heritage in this silky, voluptuous red blend.

Opening with luscious flavors of bing cherry and plum with a touch of strawberry and cherry cordial, the wine is perfectly balanced by a subtle oak backdrop. With a light-medium body, round tannins and a clean finish, this wine is very smooth and easy drinking.

Vintage: 2010
Varietal: Red Blend
Appellation: California
Acid: 5.80
PH: 3.75
Alcohol %: 13.50%